UK Trip

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Post from my Trip the the UK and Ireland + a week in Kassel, Germany and a week in Avignon, France.

Back from the UK

I'm back from the UK and inspired by what I learnt over there. I'm hoping to use this knowledge to increace the profile of storytelling here starting with looking for a central venue for the storyguild to keep a small library in (1 bookshelf perhaps).

UK Trip part 3

Firstly don't mind the dates at the top of these blog entries, since this site is not always available I sometimes write the entry in an email and then post it here later.

16 Jun 08

I met Roi Gal-Or who teaches storytelling here today. He organised a storytelling festival in May, he's also organising another one next year and has invited me to attend if I can get there. Will have to talk to Keren about what it's like there, she goes there often.

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