What Do I Do?

I essentially have three types of products that I can offer:

  1. Interactive choose-your-own-adventures - In these adventures children engage in facilitated imaginative play such as being pirates, vikings or fantasy creatures and together we create a story based on the children's actions and ideas. This activity usually moves about a fair or back yard and takes place in a specified area where children move about with me rather than on stage. Alternatively my participatory stage performances are similar but take place on a stage with children stepping up to act out sections of the story as it happens. I often do fractured fairy-tales in this form where we take a familiar tale such as the three little pigs and then change it around and make something else happen.
    • When Redbeard the Pirate joins me for either the above moving show or the stage equivalent we can then include a sword fighting display since we are both members of 'The Grey Company' re-enactment group https://greycompany.com.au/ 
    • I'm always evolving and improving my shows and the Pirate adventures have recently expanded to include a more formal "Treasure Hunt" option, where the children find maps in glass bottles with rhyming clews as to the location of the next clew, culminating in the location of the chocolate Treasure.
    • When supplying chocolate treasure (Optional) I also include organic vegan lollipops for those children who can't have chocolate. Since I also work as a relief childcare educator (Dip Children's Services) I am very aware of allergies and dietary requirements.
  2. Roving characters - I have many fantasy characters some of which you can see in the image below: 

    and I also have: 
    • A more gentleman goblin (who doesn't act like a goblin but instead has a British upper-class accent making him much less scary
    • A faun/Mr Tumnus costume with realistic hooves and backwards bending legs who plays a recorder/low whistle/flute).
    • A viking with blanket cloak, or Knight in shining chain-mail.
    • A Vampire (I can be an aloof vampire, or a friendlier more childish "I really want to bite you. Pleeeeease!")
    • Batman (My batman character is not very serious, most closely resembles the LEGO batman in personality.)
    • I'm always adding characters so feel free to make a request.

    As these roving characters I wander about interacting with people as the character would. I can incorporate, some short stories, magic tricks, juggling, etc when appropriate for these characters.

  3. Performance Storytelling (Stage Shows) - I know stories suitable for all age groups, from children aged 2 years old right up to adults. I can do storytelling shows in a theatre type venue or similarly intimate space where the audience aren't distracted by passer's by. OR I can combine storytelling with appropriate roving characters to tell stories to small groups of about 1 to 5 people at a time. This can work well combined with face-painting or other activity that children have to line-up for.

In addition to the above three essential products

  • I also run workshops in Acting & Storytelling.
  • and I can juggle, make balloon animals and blow giant bubbles.