UK Trip part 2

I'm here at Emerson College! Was going to be staying at Ashley Ramsden's house for two days while he is away but the key doesn't seem to be where I thought he was going to leave it. I'm staying here at the college tonight. Maybe on a soft rug on the floor but more than likely in a spare dorm. On their website it says that you can stay for up to three days if your looking at courses etc. And while it's not in my plan to come back and study here I could easily be tempted if I found a really good course I wanted to do. Then I'm going to Beverley for a folk festival I'm volunteering at next weekend and after that I'm going to stay with Martin Manasse, the director of the SFS in Newcastle for a few days and then I'm staying with a friend of Jaya's in Edinburgh. I have two other contacts in Edinburgh too so I'm planning to stay there for about a week. They have a storytelling centre there that gets government funding, so apparently their well setup.

After Edinburgh I'm planning to go across to Ireland to see their storytelling centre. I have a contact in Dublin that I met at the festival in Perth in 2005 and another one at the story centre. Then after Ireland I'm planning to fly to Germany and visit Nina and from there go to France to visit Sev, who I met at the Nancy Mellon course in Melbourne. There will be a theatre festival in Avigon where she lives next month when I'm planning to visit. I have a week after that that I'm leaving open at this stage before the storytelling "Festival at the Edge" on the 18th to 20th July back in the UK. Nothing is planned after that except that I might stay with Casandra Wye who put me in touch with Tina, in Bristol at some point. She thinks she will be less busy next month.