Website Improvements

Cool I now have a photo album on here! Currently working on getting a calendar.

back to it. :-)


Woohoooo!! Calendar!!

It took me some time - several hours infact but I got it! Ha Ha!

Now you can see when I'm performing, what cool stuff I'm doing :-) and anything you might like to come to too!

This is sooo good!! Now I can do the same for the Story Guild's site and it won't be long before it's up and running!!


This is a personal blog.

Just incase anyone is wondering; this is a personal Blog. I'm not trying to be professional here, I'm being open. If you read this blog you will get to know who I am. You will not likely find me especially professional in this blog. I try to be professional on the phone, and when answering emails so if you want professionalism give me a ring. If you want to know who I am so you can trust me, read this blog.

I haven't got a calendar working here yet - too much else to do - so I'll just put some important dates down here.

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