Uni: Honours in Linguistics

Having completed my BA in Australian Indigenous Studies at Murdoch Uni I'm currently undertaking Honours in Lingistics at UWA. I did an effective second major there as part of my BA but unfortunately the units while making up a major at UWA could only be counted as general electives at Murdoch.
I'm planning to do my dissertation on the ownership of indigenous languages. Being based in Nyungar Boodjar I'm thinking I'll focus on Nyungar. I still have a lot of research to do but my current position is that traditionally Australian Indigenous cultures were extremely multilingual. People knew their mothers language, their fathers language and the languages of their neighbours too. Such diversity in language was maintained by the fact that people knew and respected who's language was who's. Language was a marker of identity and it still is very much today. I want to find out what is the current state of such language identity and grouping is and how this can be upheld while creating learning language resources such as a multimedia dictionary.
The above is unfortunately a big enough topic for a PHD and I need to cut it down to an honours size project.