Starting a Blog

OK so here goes. I'm starting a Blog because I have so much on I would like to remember it.

So what has been happening... I just finished being in the Bee Master Play, well that was sunday that it finished but it doesn't feel like long ago. I still haven't rested properly yet.

Oh I just realised that the spell checker isn't working for this. Will have to fix that. Please don't judge me harshly on my spelling - I'm an oral storyteller for a reason.

So to sum up. I have just bought a house (With mum and dad's generous help, My parents rock!)

Hmm I seem to have a slightly different personality when I'm blogging. Interesting, I never would have used "rock!" out loud.

Anyway, I have applied to the Tasmanian Storytelling Festival and have Fairbridge and Denmark Festival of Voice getting swiftly closer. How I am going to keep up with full time study is becomming worrying. :-|

I have an assignment due in, I already got an extension for it and still haven't finished it. I really don't work well being an external student, I need to learn from people or I don't do anything.

I've found... Damn! I just remembered, I haven't applied for YHA membership - I need that for when I go to Europe in June-July. Yes I AM GOING! It's been a very scary prospect and I've delayed getting a ticket but I'm going. STA travel have a ticket for $2111 return, or there abouts. And the school year doesn't finish untill the end of July so I can hopeully barter accomodation in exchange for school performances. So yes I've found a good flight.

It's 11:57 Now and I need to go to bed but that requires kicking my sister off the computer, I sleep in the computer room.

Oh good news she rust finished and left of her own accord. Lovelly.