The Wandering Bard: Folk & Fairy Tales Magic Stories

Combining music and voice, folk and fairy tales have been used for centuries to bring people together and create a sense of celebration and togetherness. For teaching, sharing and enjoyment. Folk tales are for the folk and are suited to both young and old. These tales change with the telling.

The Wizard Whirrindir: Magic Stories Magic Stories

More so than any other pastime storytelling utilises the magic of the imagination. In a story anything is possible. Journey into the land of story with the Wind Wanderer where dreams come true and things are not always as expected

Captain Boots: Pirate StoriesPirate Stories

Captain Boots is ready to sail but needs a crew to climb the rigging, hoist the sails and fire the cannons. Are you ready to be put through the paces and become a sailor on Boots' pirate ship? There's plenty of adventure and treasure to be had but watch out for the octopuses; they can disarm you, tie your boots together and steel your booty all while waving at you at the same time...

Sir Tamlin: Medieval History & MythologyMedieval Stories

See and touch real swords and armour! Learn what life was like in the dark ages when people would huddle around the hearth listening to stories of the great hero's and gods of old.

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