What we can play:
I approach a child's party with games & Stories ready but nothing set in mind. There are things we could do but what we want to do cannot be known before hand. Children are experts at discerning real fun from forced or faked fun and it is there for imperative when dealing with children that we take our adult consciousness, with our awareness of how the physical worlds works and how to remain safe within it, and enter into the world of the child. It is truly a joy to do so for there is so much truth and love in this world and we adults bring a safety and protectiveness to it.  I believe this is why children love it when adults join in their games.
Storytelling is a link into the imaginative world of the child and I have been consciously cultivating this link since I first became aware that I was growing up.

So What has happened at other parties?
Essentially, I perform stories and play games in a very organic way. A game might become a story and a story leads to a game. The games I play usually have a narrative/imaginative aspect to them; think of a simple game like what's the time Mr Wolf. Add to that the imagination of a group of sheep (or whatever the children would like to be) passing close to a wolf (or whatever monster sparks their fancy) and suddenly its not about trying to touch John before he turns around, its about whether we can get to the sweet grass or steal the dragons jewels.

Age Group:
I have games for all ages from 4 to 12 years old and stories for anyone, even adults.

Adult Performances:
Storytelling is not just for children, Folk Tales are for the folk! I have many humourous and dramatic stories suited to adults and infact began my stoytelling performing to adults rather than children. If you have a themed party let me know your theme and I'll find stories to fit it.