Meet the Goblin! Well Goblin(s) actually, twin brothers:

Ipswitch is very suited to adult's and older children. When free to prowl with all his trickster goblinness he is clearly not human and can be very scary. The best use Ipswitch is to assign him a task such as a doorman, usher, or servant of some kind as this makes him subordinate to someone in charge and therefore approachable.

Ipswitch is a roving character and also has a shorter 10 to 20 minute stage show.

Charles is Ipswitch's twin brother. He is a very well to do goblin and speaks and behaves like a 'human'. He's about as different from his brother as possible. Charles is a respectable tour guide and has performed this task effectively at family events. He sees it as his task to make up for all the horrible things other goblins do by being particularly honorable and polite.

Charles tells stories about the origins of myths, customs and monsters.

Goblin Ipswitch

Goblin Charles