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About the Show

After showcasing the improv storytelling game stump-me at Fringe World 2014 Jesse the Wind Wanderer teamed up with Alex The Cellist and returned in 2015 to bring audiences interactive, improvised, storytelling musicals!
The audience get to call out words that Jesse must fit into a story he makes up on the spot while Alex improvises a soundtrack to go with it. Sometimes the cello leads the story sometime the story leads the cello all while working to incorporate the words audiences throw in to stump them.

So put your thinking caps on and get ready for a quirky ride. This is free flowing, unscripted imagination and anything can happen.

Improv. musical comedy meets ancient storytelling.

Subject to Availability

Alex the Cellist

Alex is a classically trained cellist with a passion for improvisation and velvet smoking jackets. He recently graduated from WAAPA with a bachelor of music which is why he works in a phone shop. When Alex isn't selling/fixing phones he's teaching small children to play the cello and living out his fantasy of being a Viking warrior in the 8th century. His dream for the future involves a world where blackened doom metal and neo-baroque chamber music live in harmony.

Jesse the Wind Wanderer

For 17 years Jesse has pursued his dream to be a wandering bard and today he's still living in this fantasy. Last year he achieved his life long dream of becoming an orcish chieftain and produced three Fringe World shows.
During the week he chases after small children as an early childhood educator and on weekends he flees from small children as a pirate, goblin or Christmas elf. Being thoroughly inundated by small children he's looking forward to Get Stumped being an adults only show.

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